Relationships and Plants

We all know that plants need watering and tender loving care.

Have you ever forgotten to water a plant for several days and noticed it withered?
Plants need attention, warmth and pruning and sometimes replanting – much like the Relationships in our lives!

Relationships can also wither away without time, attention and tender loving care.
However, relationships are even more complicated than plants.

Sometimes we may be at a loss as to which relationships need attention and which need replanting!
Sometimes we remain bitter or angry with our loved ones for a long time, so long that such negative emotions affect our health physically and mentally.
Indeed, don’t you feel a great weight off your shoulders when you finaly forgive someone or let things go?

Take a moment today to consider:

What relationships of yours need some time and kind attention?
Which relationships are overgrown and should be pruned back a little?
Is there any relationship due for replanting/rejuvenation?

What else can be more important than the relationships in our lives, for very often, they define our lives and who we are.

TAKE A LOOK at your RELATIONSHIPS Today, don’t neglect them, otherwise, they may not be there much longer.


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