Excuses excuses…

As humans we are not only imperfect.

We also tend to make excuses.
Big excuses, small excuses, day in, day out

We all make excuses….

I can’t because …
…I’m too tired.
… I don’t have the time.
… I don’t have the money,
…. I don’t have the equipment,
…. I don’t have the space.
…. I am not talented enough
….. I am not smart enough

… I am not pretty enough

.. etc etc etc…

Excuses are like maggots.
They may be tiny but if there are a lot of them.
They will eventually eat us up!

So how do we stop excusing ourselves?

Let me recommend two ways:

i) Try to see the positive and the fun side of things!

Excuses are usually made because we don’t feel like doing something

Especially when we do not like to do something or feel negative about doing something,
for example,
wake up early in the morning for exercise, taking additional classes to learn more, etc
In such cases, try to adopt a positive attitude and look at the fun side of things.
Think about the fresh air, refreshing feeling of the morning air, or the interesting people you may meet in
class, etc

You’ll find yourself making fewer excuses.

2) Be accountable.

Excuses are our evil little ways of wriggling out of owning up to something or doing something. If we don’t have the time, money, etc., then it’s not our fault, right? Wrong. Start taking responsibility and soon you will see the solutions. In this light, it also helps if you have a workout partner, a project partner, or just someone to account to… get it?

See your goal and be motivated by it! Visualize your goals and just get started.

Let’s all start having fun and stop making Excuses today !


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