On the Rocking Chair called ‘Worry’

As humans, we are imperfect.

We have all made mistakes, we’ve all got things wrong, acted imappropriately, etc….
Whatever has happened, happened.
And there is no time machine for us to go back into the past to rectify our mistakes.

Hence, constant regret or guilt is counter productive.

Likewise, nobody can predict the future.
There is no time machine for us to get into the future.
Hence, worrying about things that may go wrong is not of much use, right?

Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it gets you nowhere!

Is it any wonder why people still keep worrying about things day in day out?
Worry is ineffective and unproductive, yet most of us seem keen to adopt it.

‘That the birds of worry and care fly above your head, this you cannot change. But they that build nests in your hair, you can prevent.’ ~ Chinese proverb.

Learn to see that there are things which are out of your control.
But there are also things which are within your control.

I believe it is not that difficult to tell the difference.

People often worry about things that are out of their control and feel somewhat responsible for these things, such that they worry over these things!
They so trapped in their worries that they are incapacitated from living fully.
Worrying is also a real time waster too. Think of how many tasks you can complete if you stop worrying!
On the other hand, people often shrink from responsiblities which are truly in their hands and blame the outside world – other people, circumstances, the government, etc. – not realizing that the problems, and their solutions, lie within.

Make a commitment to recognise which are the things that are within your control and which are out of your reach.
Make a committment to stop worrying about things that are not within your calling, so that you have the energy and time to deal with those things that are within your control!
This may just be the most productive habit of your life!

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