The 5 Things Test

There are five things going on simultaneously which need to be taken care of:
1. The telephone is ringing.
2. The baby is crying.
3. Someone knocks at the front door or rings the doorbell.
4. There is laundry hanging on the line and it begins to rain.
5. The water faucet in the kitchen is running.In what order do you take care of the problems?
Jot down your order, and scroll downAfter you’ve made your decision.
Don’t cheat! Scroll Down!
Here are the answers.
Each of the itemsabove represents a facet of your life.
1. The phone represents your job or career.
2. The baby represents your family.
3. The visitor represents your friends.
4. The laundry represents your sex life.
5. The running water represents money/wealth.
Makes you think, right?How close did this test match your priorities in life?


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