Do what you Love (Part2)

“I’m a firm believer in the theory that people only do their best at things they truly enjoy. It’s difficult to excel at something you don’t enjoy.” (Jack Nichlaus)

If you do not work for the love of your work but work for the money, chances are you will not find much
  money or much fun in life in doing what you do.

This really sounds like a no win situation !


If you do work that excites you, keeps you up at night, makes you think about it all day, energizes and fulfills you…
You will give yourself to it completely.
You will never mind putting in more time, more energy, more passion. Because it is satisfying and worth the while.
And you will create such an impact by your work that you will be inciting change and inspire people around you!

Remember, the world needs you to do what you love.
Nothing else can create more change, or have a greater impact on the lives of people and the planet.

“There is some place where your specialness can shine. Somewhere that difference can be expressed. It is up to you to find it, and you can.” (David Viscott)


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