Left Handeness

Are you a Left Hander? Know somebody who is a left hander?
Here are some interesting trivia about Left Handedness…

•We have had a report that the majority of parrots are left-footed – does any one know anything about this or any other animal left-handed facts?
•There is also a report of polar bears being left-handed, but we need to get more information.

•Officials in Mensa, the high IQ society believe as many as 20% of their members are left-handed.
•The first recorded Siamese twins born in 1811 were joined at the waist. Their names? Chang and Eng, which simply meant ‘Left and Right’
•The figurehead on the Cutty Sark is a left-handed witch.
•Studies have shown that left-handers are more likely to have allergies than right-handers – aahtishoooo!!
•Most left-handers, when drawing figures face them to the right

SO, What causes Left handed or Right Handedness?
ALl will be revealed in our next post.

Are you left handed or right handed? Which do you think is better?
If you have anything to say on handedness or what causes handedness, do feel free to leave a comment 🙂


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