Left Handed myths

Left-handers and the left hand side tend to do badly whenever there is any talk of superstition or things that cannot be understood. Here are some examples:

•Evil spirits lurk over the left shoulder – throw salt over this shoulder to ward them off. In Roman times, salt was a very valuable commodity, giving rise to the word “salary” and was considered a form of money at the time. If salt was spilled, that was considered very bad luck, that could only be avoided by throwing some of the spilled salt over your left shoulder to placate the devil.
•A ringing in the right ear means that someone is praising you. In the left ear it means that someone is cursing or maligning you.
•It is thought to be bad luck to pass a drink to another person with your left-hand or anti-clockwise around a table.
•A left-handed toast is tantamount to a curse on the victim
•Studies have shown that left-handers are more likely to have allergies than right-handers


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