Never Give up (Keep the Dreams Alive)

You spent countless nights, forsaking sleep.
Chiselling the words and weaving the story.
But they say your writing is boring, not good enough. 
Nonethelss you know  it is your painstaking creation, not just any piece of text.

You spent months conceptualising, a new product – revolutionary.
Foregoing slumber, you were trying to break the boundaries.
But they say you are crazy, it will not take off. 
Nonethless you know in your guts, your ‘baby’ is promising potential ahead of its time.

This person was fired by the directors of his own start-up. After several years, when he was hired back by this startup, he launched a series of products that made history in the technology market. “At Stanford where pioneering spirit meets 21 century technology.“ Although Steve Jobs is not a graduate of Stanford, he has certainly lived out this slogan.

In the early 90s, while competitors like creative and samsung were striving to dominate the music industry,  Steve’s innovation of Apple’s iPod music player and iTunes online store rocked the market. The iMac rescued Apple from struggling survival to stable position in the pc market.

Just 3 years back, While every mobile phone came with a keypad and stencil, Steve created a quantum lead with the touch screen, a feature which was so ‘Alien’ back then. Now, almost every mobile phone is moving towards touch screen design.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, musician, inventor or entrepreneur, we’re all too familiar with the agony of creation. 

You may be the Crazy One but never give up, keep the Dreams Alive !

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