Say Yes !



Have you seen the movie ‘Yes Man’ by Jim Carrie before?

In the movie Jim Carrie plays the role of a Bank loan officer Carl Allen has become withdrawn since his divorce from ex-wife Stephanie.  He was living a pessimistic life and never said ‘Yes’ to anything or anyone.  Until he went for a motivational seminar and and meets inspirational guru Terrence Bundley, who publicly browbeats him into making a covenant with himself. Carl reluctantly promises to stop being a “No Man” and vows to answer “Yes!” to every opportunity, request or invitation that presents itself thereafter.

Carl began saying ‘Yes’ to everything and everyone and his life seemed to take a turn for the better, until things started getting bad and he got into an accident while trying to get Terrence to ‘stop’ the covenant with him.  After Carl recovers consciousness, Terrence tells Carl that there was no covenant. The starting point was merely to open Carl’s mind to other possibilities, not to permanently take away his ability to say no if he needed to.

Does the idea of taking a chance, any chance terrify you ?

Once in a while, do you …

take a different turn, at a different corner,

explore a new flavor,

wear a different color.

You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll do, where you’ll go.

As Forest Gump said ‘ Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get ‘

But isn’t that the essence of Life?  We never really know everything for sure.

In life, perhaps we sometimes need to allow ourselves the luxury of saying ‘Yes’, to possibilities.

Don’t think you are not good enough, without even starting.

Don’t give up, without even trying.

Open your mind and heart and you’ll be amazed what  You can achieve !

Say Yes !


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