A Great Salesperson Can Sell Anything! Really??

By Bernie O’Donnell

There is absolutely no basis for the adage that “great salespeople can sell anything.” Nor is there a basis for the unqualified premise that “the best predictor of future performance is past performance.” It all depends on the degree to which your environment mirrors that in which the salesperson has been most successful.

We’ve identified 9 Territory Casting Factors™ that are essential to understand if you wish to outmaneuver your competition in the race to increase average sales per rep.

1. Target Market (buyer profile)
2. Relational vs. Transactional (ongoing vs. one-time deal)
3. New vs. Established Customer (hunter vs. builder)
4. Straightforward vs. Technical/Complex Product
5. Tangible Product vs. Intangible Service
6. Long vs. Short Sell Cycle
7. Big Ticket vs. Small Ticket (price)
8. Selling Methodology (consultative vs. product, etc.)
9. Brand Expectation (reputation and image)

Each of these needs to be described for your business. Then relevant questions and scenarios can be developed to see how well the applicant’s experience compares. If you happen to be a salesperson seeking a new position, you should do this exercise so you can identify those opportunities in which you are likely to be most successful.

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