A Great Salesperson Can Sell Anything! Really?? Part 3

By Bernie O’Donnell

There is absolutely no basis for the adage that “great salespeople can sell anything.” Nor is there a basis for the unqualified premise that “the best predictor of future performance is past performance.” It all depends on the degree to which your environment mirrors that in which the salesperson has been most successful.

As a manager with IBM quite a few years back, I had people from two sales divisions on my team. One group sold copiers and office equipment in a tough, price-sensitive, low-loyalty market where decisions tended to be made relatively quickly. The other sold complex, multi-million dollar computer systems with a long sell cycle.

Both teams were highly successful, but if they swapped territories, I would have been out of business.

Forget about finding that great salesperson who can sell anything to anyone. Focus on finding a salesperson who will be great at selling your products and services to your target market using your sales process, all while projecting the image you want to create in the marketplace.

That means exploring Expertise, Traits and Character. The 9 Territory Casting Factors™ will help you assess the Expertise piece of the human puzzle.

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