The Best Christmas Present

christmas wish

Christmas is here again, carols, jingle bells, gifts, gatherings and dinners.  Gift exchanges are the norm, with friends and family.  We all have many wants in life, a new watch, a new dress, a new designer handbag or even wealth, fame, fortune, popularity…  I know I’m guilty of these secret wishes some times.

This year, Christmas has been exceptionally quiet for me.  No loud parties, no flashy gifts, no trendy dresses, no luxurious toiletries set, no fancy jewelry, no chocolates, nothing.

But I’m not complaining – for I know I’ve received the best gift of all:  To have my mum back from surgery, safe and sound.  She had not been in good health and feared going for operation.  Although we may not be on the best of terms all the time, growing up, I was antagonistic and always the rebellious one, deep down, I was really worried for her health and the risks.   Nonetheless I’m glad she went through with it and am recovering now.  Hopefully, she’ll be cancer free in the coming years.

I hope this is not too much to ask for for now.


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