Stupid North Carolina love stories don’t matter.

Beautiful article about love and God

the fabric of my life.

Valentine’s day is coming up soon and thinking about it may be discouraging for some people. For couples, Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to spend time with your spouse or significant other, but for those of us that are single, it can be miserable. You sit on your couch under a blanket eating out of a Ben and Jerry’s pint watching a sappy love story and feeling sorry for yourself. If that was your plan for next week, please re-think it!

Sitting there watchingany Nicholas Sparks movie is just asking for trouble. Why would you put yourself through that? It’s miserable because you startwondering when is that going to happen for you. How long do you have to wait before Channing Tatum comes to sweep you off your feet? Sorry to burst your bubble,BUT IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!Most of these big screen love stories are not possible!


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