Someone out there likes you


Sometimes the most heart warming realisation comes through the most mundane of activities.

Today I went as usual to the food court to have lunch. Ordering lunch is a routine, nothing exciting, nothing special, I’m kind of the ‘eat to live’ type of  person. Food does not excite me that much, neither are the lunch options very thrilling.

I queued and ordered chicken and vegetable toppings for my rice. Moving along the queue, just when I was about to pay up at the cash counter, the cashier took a look at my plate. Without asking or saying anything, he took my plate, went back up the food chain and started heaping on additional toppings. I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously the cashier thought that the serving dished out to me earlier on by his co-worker was too little.

As I sat down enjoying my scrumptious lunch, I can’t help feeling thankful to God and blissful for the favour. Then I came to this realisation:

In life, some people will short change us, reject us, or treat us short of what we deserve – be it cheating us of our money, time or  feelngs. I know it, I’ve been through my fair share of betrayals, heart breaks and unfair treatment. Life just seems so unfair at times and it seems you’re never going to find someone who treats you right. But take heart, ‘just when you least expect it’ (as a friend says), someone out there will come along, treasure you, honour you, make sure you’re treated right, and love you just as you are. And when that someone finds you, never let him go!

I felt it’s my Heavenly Father telling me not to lose hope but to continue believing – it’s still possible that Someone out there loves me.








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