Another Divine Appointment


It’s Friday evening, I just knocked off from work, ( well actually more like knocked out ).  It’s one of those days that you unknowingly made a teeny weeny silly mistake and start feeling a wee bit down.

As I stepped into as busy mall, can’t help but noticed the crowd, shoppers, diners;  after all It’s the weekend.      Not wanting to wander around aimlessly alone, I decided to grab a quick dinner at a busy food court. As I plunked down onto my seat with my tray of food, I thought to myself “Oh well, I have breakfast alone, lunch alone ( because I’m the only employee in office,  you don’t really count your boss as a lunch buddy right?), and now dinner alone. But I thank God I have food to eat! ”

Before I could take a second mouthful of food, a young lady with long hair walked up ” Is this seat taken? ” The seat opposite me was empty. “No, You may sit here.” I replied.  She thanked me with a smile and sat down. Out of curiosity, I asked “You don’t sound like a local, where are you from? ” She smiled again and replied “Myanmar “.

We started chatting, about the food, what she does and how long she’s been living here. ” I’ve been staying here for 10 years, I love it here but I’m going back next month to take care of my mum.”  At this juncture, I thought this may be the last time I see her, perhaps I can pray for her mother or share about God’s love and healing to her. However, to my surprise and delight, she’s already a believer.

“It’s tough when I first came, I had to adapt to the culture and work was stressful, so much so that I dreaded going to work everyday. ”  “That must have been tough on you, how did you overcome that? ” I asked eagerly.  Her answer was simple yet amazing ” I just focus on God throughout the day, all the time, at every hour I’d whisper a prayer to thank God for bringing me through another hour. After some time, things got better. ”  She went on to recount how small  David defeated gigantic Goliath, one of her favourite accounts in the Bible, she  added ” Though the Goliaths in our life look formidable, we have God on our side.”  I am so touched by her simple yet steadfast faith. We chatted over dinner about life, family, her love for cooking, life in her country. She had a passion for ministry and desire for sharing God’s love to our countrymen.

At the end of dinner, we’re like 2 old friends reunited. We exchanged contact numbers and I told her we should do dinner before she goes back to her home country. ‘ Yes, and if you come to my country, I’ll bring you around, and who knows, we can become ministry partners one day!’ She chuckled.

As I made my way home, the initial lonely ‘down and out’ feeling was gone, instead I feel so encouraged by the faith of my new friend  and her passion for helping her fellow countrymen. I never thought I’d be engaging in such an inspiring conversation tonight. I had started out wanting to help her but instead I was the one being helped (encouraged).

You may call it a chance meeting but I can’t help but feel amazed by this divine appointment.  I concur witj the famous scientist, Albert Einstein “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous. ” I thank my heavenly Father that once again He has given me what I needed when I needed it most, He truly is watching over me!


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