Don’t Let Your Past Rob You of Your Future.

Another sleepless night that I found myself in, I got up and try to do some writing.

Past weekend, this sentence kept coming into my mind:  Don’t let your past rob you of your future.
We all have something in the past that caused us heartache, a break up, a career mistake, financial loss, divorce, sickness. Life is well known at throwing us curve balls. Many a times, we get hit so badly we suffered bruises. 
Pain became no stranger, especially in the still of the night when it’s so silent and all you can hear is your own heart beat.. yes a broken heart that is still beating – ironically. Perhaps you have wished not to hear that beating for that signals that your life still goes on… when you would have wished it didn’t.
Over and over again we repeat the cycle: Crying ourselves to sleep at night only to wake up in the morning and put on a smiling face for the world to see.
I wonder how many of us has been there.. for I myself am no stranger of that. Over time, pain morphed, the scar hardened and perhaps it no longer hurt that much.. yet the ghost of the past returns to haunt us from time to time..
Welcoming these ghosts of the past will only cause us to be held captives in our own histroy… preventing us from stepping ahead into the new. Fear is the one who works here, stirring up settled dust in our hearts, asking us questions ‘What if I fail again?’, ‘What if it doesn’t work ou this time?’ ‘What if history repeats itself? ‘What if tomorrow never comes? … ‘
Of all the algorithms of our mind, fear is a master hacker. Fear is someone who can seep through even the slightest crevice of our minds and gain a foothold where it builds its nest over time and becomes eventually a stronghold. Fear, you have such a hideous nature and such an ugly countenance… despicable through and through.
The past does have the power to rob us of our future, if we allow fear to gain its place. However, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. What if there’s a better way..? Yes remember fear is a liar. It doesn’t have to turn out, fear has no power over your future save the ability to scare you out of taking a step of progress for fear of failure… See my point?
Yes then, there is Hope. Hope beyond the past, hope for the future. Look past your past, know that whatever passed is past.. but whatever coming is yet to be… the Future is yet to be written.. and Nobody has the right to write that for you, not even fear.
So don’t let fear trick you into living in the past and don’t let the past rob you of the future. The future is yet to be. It will be what you make it to be. Afterall nothing worth having comes easy, and that includes your sparkling new future!

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