About this Blog

Size the Day! Everyday!

To begin with, I am not IT savvy…. and am still struggling with WordPress, so if anyone can give me some tips, that’ll be fantastic! Because I really want more people to know about and read my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

About me?
I have a postgraduate degree in Psychology.
Writing, philosophy and psychology are my passions besides music, travelling and shopping!

Why this blog?
We all have our own struggles in life.
Through my studies in Psychology, I have been inspired and motivated. I wish to share some knowledge and insights in simple language, so everyone can appreciate and benefit from it.

Psychology can be for everyone everyday!
Psychology is not just theories and philosophies.

If you have any suggestions regarding topics, posts, or anything at all… your inputs are always welcome.

Enjoy reading, be inspired and motivated everyday of your life!


7 thoughts on “About this Blog

    • Thanks Tony! Incidentally, I haven’t been writing much for quite some time but today, I am beginning to write again. Hope to see you and the rest back at my blog real soon.


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